A survey report has shown that Growing Younger Antioxidant reduces the rate of ageing by 50%. Two unrelated people took part in a 30-year trial with the Antioxidant and a survey was subsequently conducted with 47 independent members of the public. The full report is published on this website on the About Us page.

What is the expected improvement in ageing when consuming Growing Younger Antioxidant?

No. GYA cannot reverse ageing that has already happened. No antioxidant can. GYA can slow down the ageing process in the future. Evidence has indicated the following: If you take GYA daily for 10 years you could appear to have aged about 5 years in that time. If you take it for 20 years you could appear to be just 10 years older and so on.

Growing Younger Antioxidant is anti-ageing - if I start taking it daily will it make me look younger than I look now?

No – it is never too late. The benefits of antioxidants include strengthening the immune system and reducing the risk of heart disease and some cancers. Making GYA a part of your diet benefits your quality of life whatever your age is.

I am 60 years old - is it too late to take Growing Younger Antioxidant?

Certainly 200 or 300ml each day (instead of the suggested 100ml) will not cause harm. But taking larger portions does not necessarily give better protection (and it does increase the daily cost). Our suggestion is to stay with 100ml a day.

Can I take a portion larger than the suggested 100ml?

Ideally take it with breakfast to give you a nice energy lift for the day. Some people with a sensitive digestion find that they MUST take it with food or they feel a little nauseous.

Does it matter what time of day I take it?

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