Your body will thank you

Growing Younger created an antioxidant food additive that can:

Strengthen your immunity

Improve your vitality

Slow down your ageing


All you have to do is add the Growing Younger Antioxidant to your favourite fruit juice ... and enjoy daily! 

The Antioxidant

Growing Younger Antioxidant (GYA) is available in two sizes for your convenience.

GYA 'The Daily Pack' (30 day supply)


GYA 'The Daily Pack' (30 day supply)



Our bodies require a regular supply of antioxidants for healthy living. Most of our antioxidants come from our diet, especially plant-based foods, but our bodies produce small amounts as well. 


Growing Younger


Here at the Growing Younger company, we have created Growing Younger Antioxidant (GYA) which is a concentrated form of some of the antioxidants we all normally get from our food. The antioxidant is in powder form in sachets and is designed to be added to a fruit juice of your choice.

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